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The Milner Therapeutics Institute

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The Milner Therapeutics Institute is a global therapeutic alliance based in Cambridge, dedicated to the conversion of basic science into therapies. Its mission is to foster close collaborative interactions between academia and industry to accelerate medical advancement. The Institute represents a new 'open borders' paradigm, with no physical boundaries and a flexible operational model.

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The Milner Therapeutics Consortium is an academic/industry partnership hosted by the Institute and is part of its outreach programme. The Consortium has been active since June 2015 and is based on a research agreement signed by three Cambridge academic centres (the University of Cambridge, the Sanger Institute and the Babraham Institute (and four pharmaceutical companies (Astex, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Shionogi).

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The Affiliated Partners programme is composed of companies, such as service and product providers, that are developing tools to advance therapeutic needs. The Institute coordinates interactions between affiliated companies and academic, pharmaceutical or biotechnology partners, with the aim of making a cohesive therapeutically mixed community. Affiliation to the Institute provides networking and advertising opportunities and fast exchange of information and know-how. There are currently 29 Affiliated Partners.

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The Institute will have research laboratories within the new Capella Building on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The laboratories will be operational in 2018 and will house research groups from the Cambridge research community. A research facility will also be established, accessible to the wider research community as part of the outreach programme. The facility is envisaged to house robotics for customised drug screening as well as gene editing and bioinformatics support.

First Milner Newsletter hits inboxes

31st March 2017 - Our ambition is to connect as many of our affiliate companies and academics as possible. Sign up now to be part of the Milner therapeutic ecosystem.

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Milner Therapeutics Institute announces new partnership with Elysium Health

Press Release Cambridge, 28 March 2017 - Elysium Health joins major pharmaceutical companies to invest in collaborative research with Cambridge academic scientists.

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New partnership with Pfizer

Press Release Cambridge, 19 January 2017 – The Milner Therapeutics Institute announces Pfizer as a new partner joining the Consortium to develop mutually-beneficial collaborations with Cambridge academics and the Milner Therapeutics Institute.

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