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21st October 2021, 1:00pm – Joanna Betts, GlaxoSmithKline

Title: Harnessing the power of genetics and genomics to drive drug discovery

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Our Seminar Series features talks from scientists in academia and industry, highlighting advances in the understanding of disease and therapeutic approaches.
Details of upcoming presentations are below.

25th November, 2021 – Omer Bayraktar, The Wellcome Sanger Institute

27th January, 2022 – Ziad Mallat, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge

24th February, 2022 – Daniel Munoz-Espin, Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge

You can access previous talks and Q&A sessions at the links below. If you have any questions, please email

Previous Seminars

Adrian Liston, The Babraham Institute
“Design new therapeutics for treating neuroinflammatory disorders”
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Headshot of Benedict Cross, CTO of PhoremostBenedict Cross, Phoremost
“PROTEINi-based perturbation screening for new target discovery”
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Fiona Gribble, Wellcome MRC Institute of Metabolic Science

“Targeting the gut for the treatment of metabolic diseases”
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Mike Murphy, MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit
“Targeting mitochondrial metabolism to treat ischaemia-reperfusion injury”

​Elena di Daniel, Astex

“Building a Collaborative Network to target Neurodegeneration using Fragment Based Drug Design”
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Mike Romanos, Microbiotica

Precision Microbiome Science Enables Best in Class Therapeutics”

Mathew GarnettMathew Garnett, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Functional genomic approaches to guide cancer drug discovery”

Manav Pathania, CRUK Cambridge Centre

“Developing New Mouse Models of Mutant Histone-Driven Paediatric Gliomas”
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Mike Stratton, Wellcome Sanger Institute

“The Wellcome Sanger Institute’s Scientific Plans 2021-2026”
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Waradon Sungnak, Wellcome Sanger Institute
“Single-Cell Transcriptomics Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Entry Factors”

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Jason Carroll, CRUK Cambridge Institute
“Mechanisms of estrogen receptor activity in breast cancer”

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*Please note that the sound glitching midway through this recording quickly resolves*

Robin Franklin, Wellcome MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
“Myelin regeneration in the CNS: reversing the ravages of time”

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