OUR MISSION: Bringing discoveries to life

Lives can be transformed when the strength of academia and business combine. As a biomedical institute, we act as a catalyst and a driver, forming dynamic partnerships to unlock the power of emerging discoveries. The Milner Therapeutics Institute encompasses both a research institute and a global outreach programme, which aims to transform pioneering science into therapies.

Our institute on the biomedical campus provides a physical hub that combines the strength of academia and business to accelerate the development of therapies. Our own in-house research programme has built a mass of expertise in computational research and functional genomics, with a growing network of collaborative research partners.

Our institute is the headquarters of the Milner Therapeutics Consortium, a partnership of fourteen Pharma companies and three academic Institutions. This consortium provides unique and diverse routes for our partners to engage with Cambridge academics and entrepreneurs. By creating innovative models of cross-sector collaboration, the Milner model provides a leading example internationally of how academic discoveries can move from the lab and into developmental pipelines that result in effective therapies.

We support entrepreneurs through our Frame Shift Bio-incubator, through our partnership with the Start Codon Venture Builder and Investor, and through the Bio-spark early-stage entrepreneurial programme. We are the biomedical hub for Connect: Health Tech, and we work with other University organizations to create a wealth of resources and commercial support for academics seeking to put ideas into practice.


The Milner Therapeutics Institute was co-founded in 2015 by Tony Kouzarides and Jonathan Milner, who also co-founded Abcam PLC together in 1998 as an international research reagents provider based in Cambridge. Jonathan Milner is a benefactor to the building of the research Institute, which bears his name.





Our mission is to transform pioneering science into therapies by catalysing partnerships between academia and industry


Our mission is to transform pioneering science into therapies by catalysing partnerships between academia and industry

The Milner Institute opened in autumn 2019 in the new Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, providing a physical hub for cross-sector collaborations. The Milner Institute is led by its Founder/Director Tony Kouzarides alongside Executive Director Cathy Tralau-Stewart.

A video introduction to the Milner Therapeutics Institute, by director Professor Tony Kouzarides, is available on the Milner Institute YouTube page.


We are ambitious
Our aim is to unlock the power of emerging discoveries, and galvanise science into life-changing treatments. Our approach of enabling cross-sector collaboration through an overarching collaboration agreement involving leading academic institutes and pharma companies is unique. Through this, we aim to unlock the power of discovery by galvanising science into life-changing treatments.

We are approachable
We lower barriers to engagement by driving connections, listening and welcoming fresh ideas, embracing innovation, and ensuring we support the goals of our partners. Our vast network of affiliates provides extensive knowledge and expertise to support academics and businesses in Cambridge and beyond.

We believe in the power of collaboration
Lives can be transformed when the strength of academia and business combine. We have created a unique physical environment where pharma, start-ups and academics are co-located to drive innovative collaboration.

We invest in our people
In our community, we seek and respect diversity, practice inclusivity, and uphold values of equality. We promote an environment that is a safe space to make mistakes, where successes are celebrated, and where team members and collaborators support one another to reach their full potential.