We are building an experienced and diverse team, where individuality is celebrated, good working culture is prioritised, and team members can learn and progress.  We are seeking to grow our team by finding people who share our vision and want to help us bring discoveries to life.

We’re part of the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of Cambridge, located on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Our Institute provides a unique working environment, with start-up businesses, academics and pharma companies working side by side across office and laboratory space.

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We are not currently advertising any core Milner positions, but please check back soon. Jobs at our Frame Shift bio-incubator companies can be found below.

Join the Frame Shift Teams

Machine Learning Research Scientist (Shift Bioscience)

Frame Shift company Shift Bioscience is hiring at the Frame Shift – City Centre hub.

Join Shift, where you’ll become an integral member of a high-performing and fast-moving team whose mission is to deliver the first drugs for safe cellular rejuvenation, addressing chronic diseases and extending healthy human lifespan. At Shift, we value ability and results, fostering a meritocratic culture that embraces respect, reliability, collaboration and communication.

Shift has pioneered a single-cell clock with unmatched accuracy, powered by cutting-edge machine learning and gene expression data. With this clock, our lab testing of rejuvenative interventions is four times faster than anyone else, providing a crucial edge. The clock also enables us to use cell simulations to explore the vast combinatorial space of genes, a previously impossible task.

As an ML Researcher at Shift, you’ll develop and improve Shift’s cell simulation models. You’ll work alongside our Head of ML, Lucas Camillo, to build in silico cell perturbation models that accelerate our in vitro program. You will also interface with the wet-lab team to inform and optimize our experimental path using the latest active ML techniques. We are looking for someone who has good communication skills and has previously participated in multidisciplinary projects (preferably in a biotech setting). You should also have a strong background in computer science and/or mathematics. This role is an opportunity to be part of a journey where your expertise shapes the future of scientific discovery.

What will you do?

  • Design and refine search optimization algorithms to identify key genes for cellular rejuvenation
  • Continually improve our cell simulation models, enhancing predictive accuracy, uncertainty metrics and inference time
  • Further develop our high-precision single-cell clock to better monitor cellular aging
  • Build and optimize single-cell models to predict age-related disease phenotypes

What are Shift looking for in candidates?

Candidates must have:

  • A PhD in Mathematics, Computer Science or related fields
  • Strong research background in academia or industry
  • Skill and experience with cross-discipline communication
  • Flexibility and willingness to learn on the job

The ideal candidate will also have experience with some of the following:

  • In silico models of cell perturbation
  • Bayesian statistics and active ML
  • Experience with generative AI models, especially transformers
  • An interest in healthspan and longevity research

What Shift offer

Join a team at the forefront of scientific innovation, where your contributions can make a lasting impact on healthcare, shaping a future that extends the prime of life. You’ll work on problems that matter and have the opportunity for rapid role progression if you’d like it.

Shift offer on-demand learning and training to support your career growth as well as attendance at relevant conferences. To facilitate onboarding and wet-lab alignment you’ll work from our state-of-the-art lab and office facilities inside the Gurdon Institute in central Cambridge. You can expect a competitive salary with milestone-based reviews, share options, private medical insurance and paid holiday.

Interviewing with Shift

There are typically three stages – an initial chat to understand your motivations and interests, technical assessment and on-site team interviews. We will provide more information as you pass through each stage. We are a small and close-knit team and will try to introduce you to everyone so that you can imagine yourself here.


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