The Milner Therapeutics Institute is part of the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of Cambridge, and is dedicated to the conversion of ground breaking science into therapies. Based on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the institute is surrounded by a global therapeutic alliance of SMEs, pharma companies, academic institutions and venture capital firms.

We periodically run calls that offer physical space for startup companies, as well as opportunities for funding and collaboration. Please see below for a list of our current opportunities.

Bio-Incubator Space

Are you a start-up interested in bio-incubator space?

We currently have a unique opportunity for you to be part of a vibrant Institute in a much sought after location on Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The Milner Therapeutics Institute has limited space for research intensive, R&D companies, working in an areas related to the Institute’s expertise (e.g. functional genomics, early target discovery, therapeutics). You will be working side by side with academics, entrepreneurs and industry scientists.

To discuss, please contact


Consortium Call

Our pharma partners in the Milner Therapeutics Consortium are working together with academics at the University, Babraham and Wellcome Sanger Institutes to better understand disease mechanisms and to discover and validate new therapeutic targets. These pre-clinical projects range from reagent sharing and 6-month pilots to 2-year postdoctoral funded collaborations and are expected to lead to joint publications with the company partners.

Visit the Consortium Call page for more information.

Bio-spark Entrepreneurial Programme


Applications are now open for the Bio-spark Entrepreneurial Programme (2023/2024)

Bio-spark is an entrepreneurial programme and support system for early-career academics considering a career in business and enterprise. It is a fellowship programme that provides internships at Pharma, Biotech or Venture partners, mentorship for those with ideas for setting up companies, and networking opportunities for all Bio-spark fellows. It is a “learn by experience” programme that runs outside of PhD and Postdoc responsibilities.

The closing date for Challenge-solving and Exploring Fellowships is 28th April 2023.
The closing date for Company-seeding Fellowships is 1st September 2023.

To find out more about the Bio-spark entrepreneurial programme, visit their webpage.