The Joint AstraZeneca-Cancer Research Horizons Functional Genomics Centre is delivering state-of-the-art functional genetic screens, cancer modelling and big data processing – all aimed at accelerating the discovery of new cancer medicines.

Based at the Milner Therapeutics Institute, the Functional Genomics Centre is developing novel CRISPR technologies to better understand the biology of cancer, creating biological models that may be more reflective of human disease and advancing computational approaches to better analyse big datasets. A goal of the new centre is the identification of novel drug targets to better treat cancer patients and overcome drug resistance. AstraZeneca and CRUK have independent use of the Centre’s facilities but are jointly developing state-of-the-art functional genomic technologies. CRUK and AstraZeneca scientists are working alongside each other to facilitate collaboration, technical innovation and scientific progress. The Milner Therapeutics Institute provides a unique collaborative space and environment on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) which is convenient for both AstraZeneca and CRUK, with the dedicated space the Functional Genomics Centre needs.

To find out more about the FGC, visit their website here.