Building scientific collaborations to transform therapies

Building scientific collaborations to transform therapies

A Therapeutic Mission

The Milner Therapeutics Institute at the University of Cambridge is dedicated to the conversion of groundbreaking science into therapies. Its mission is delivered through three distinct avenues: by connecting academic institutions with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, by enabling collaborative research projects throughout Cambridge, and by accelerating the formation of new biotech companies with a therapeutic outlook. The institute represents a new paradigm, in which an academic institution harnesses a global therapeutic alliance to deliver better therapies.


The goals of the Milner Institute are realised through a global therapeutic alliance of 74 industry and academia partners: a partnership of 3 Cambridge academic Institutions and 7 pharmaceutical companies who have signed an agreement to engage in pre-competitive research in Cambridge (the Therapeutics Consortium); a set of 14 Affiliated Institutions and 48 Affiliated Companies enjoy networking opportunities within the ecosystem; 2 Affiliated Venture Partners help to mentor entrepreneurs setting up biotech companies with a therapeutic outlook. The Milner Institute organises networking events, symposia and workshops to enhance interactions within the alliance.



The Milner Institute enables collaborative research by lowering the barriers of engagement between industry and academia via the Therapeutics Consortium agreement. Using this agreement, industry funded research projects are established within academic labs throughout Cambridge. In 2018 additional research capabilities will be provided in the Milner Research Labs on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The labs will house computational biology, disease modeling, phenotypic drug screening and an entrepreneurial program for the development of biotech companies. The research labs will have academic and industry funded researchers working together, providing a unique research environment for therapeutic development.


Academic research fuels therapies through the biotechnology sector. The transition of ideas into concrete therapeutic principles requires mentoring and space for research. The Milner Research Labs aim to provide such opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. This program will offer space for research in an environment fuelled by industry/academia interactions. Mentorship will be provided by experienced in-house personnel, Consortium companies and external Affiliated Venture partners. These positions will be short term with the aim of getting to proof of concept seed-funding from Venture partners. This biotech Accelerator will aid the transition of therapeutic ideas into biotech companies.

The Milner Institute has a number of Boards and Committees to provide advice and guidance on science, strategy, policy, funding, and administration. We have representatives at all levels across the University, to enable us to achieve our vision and turn ideas into therapies.

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