OUR PEOPLE: Milner Team

OUR PEOPLE: Milner Team

The team deals with all aspects of the management, communications, project development, and partnering within the Milner Therapeutic Institute. Please email us at contact@milner.cam.ac.uk


Tony Kouzarides

Tony Kouzarides

Tony Kouzarides

Cathy Tralau-Stewart

Executive Director

Operations and Facilities 

Tony Kouzarides

Richard Hill

Business & Operations Manager

Saffron Murfitt

Acting HR and Admin Coordinator
Namshik Han

Ben Pearson

Assistant Facilities Coordinator

Larissa Richardson

Scientific Facilities Coordinator

Anna Sechenykh

​Research Laboratory Technician

Clare Kotschy

Finance Coordinator

Partnerships and Communications

Tony Kouzarides

Alison Schuldt

Head of Partnerships and Alliance

Nicola McCarthy

Consortium Manager

Nikki Mann

Communications Manager

Mary-Jane Roebuck

Events & Communications Coordinator

Henrique Braga

General Administrator

Paula Rogers-Brown

Connect: Health Tech Business Community Manager

Clarice Benney

Connect: Health Tech Online Community Engagement Coordinator

Alexandra Huener

Head of Entrepreneurship

Asha Carpenter

Interim Consortium Manager

Centre for Pathway Analysis

Team members within the Centre for Pathway Analysis are highlighted on the Bello Group and Han group webpages.

Nikki Mann

Erica Bello

Head of Target Discovery
Namshik Han

Namshik Han

Head of Computational Biology and Artificial Intelligence