The life science and healthcare business accelerator Start Codon, (the vision of which was conceived and created together with the Milner Therapeutics Institute), has officially moved into the Milner Therapeutics Institute. Start Codon, represented by Dr Jason Mellad (CEO), Daniel Rooke (Head of Operations and Legal), Sakura Holloway (Head of Diligence), Michael Salako (Senior Investment Associate) and Silvia Baudone (Programme and Partnerships  Manager), is the first accelerator in Cambridge to provide start-up companies with a combination of seed funding, facilities, mentoring and access to a dedicated team and network of industry leading contacts. Welcomed alongside them are also the first four cohort companies to join the accelerator. Each company will be based at the Milner Therapeutics Institute for 6 months, before moving on to the next stage of their development.

In conjunction with the accelerator programme, Start Codon have joined Cancer Research UK’s Entrepreneurial Programmes Initiative, which aims to promote the development of new business ventures within academia and encourage entrepreneurship. Start Codon’s role focuses on the Cambridge cluster, to educate a multi-disciplinary oncology research community about entrepreneurship, company formation, operations and fundraising, with the goal of supporting the development of viable start-up businesses that will address unmet medical needs. Start Codon is now accepting applications for its second cohort of companies, commencing August 2020. Early stage start-up companies in the life sciences and healthcare space are invited to apply via the website.

Find out more by visiting the Start Codon website.

Jason Mellad

Daniel Rooke

Sakura Holloway

Michael Salako

Silvia Baudone

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