We are delighted to share that the Pathania Lab join a team of researchers who have been awarded £1.5 million in The Brain Tumour Charity’s Quest for Cures grant.

Dr Manav Pathania and his group – who are based at the Milner Institute – join researchers from UCL, Imperial College London and the Institute of Cancer Research (Sutton) to explore the role of senescent (non-growing) cells in childhood brain tumour development and recurrence, in new research funded by The Brain Tumour Charity.

This new funding will enable the team to focus on paediatric-type diffuse high-grade gliomas – some of the most aggressive brain tumours with the poorest prognosis – to gain better understanding of how senescent cells promote tumour development and contribute to the difficulty in treating the disease.

We have developed the mouse models of paediatric high-grade gliomas that were critical for generating the preliminary data on which this grant is based. Over the course of this project, our expertise in developing and working with these models will be crucial for revealing the functional role of senescent cells— in tumour development and in response to treatment.

Manav Pathania, Group Leader at CRUK Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence and Milner Therapeutics Institute

Read the full article on the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute website.