This month we are excited to announce that MSD has joined the Milner Therapeutics Consortium as our 12th pharma partner. This coincides with the company’s investment in a new Discovery Centre in London, located in the heart of the Knowledge Quarter.  MSD scientists in the UK are working towards a shared purpose: to drive medical advances against some of the most challenging diseases facing ageing populations.  James Duce (Director of Discovery Research, London) and Richard Reschen (Associate Director, Business Development & Licensing, Europe) will sit on the Milner Innovation Board, bringing new expertise and representing the company’s scientific interests across key therapeutic areas, including neuroscience and oncology.


We are delighted to welcome MSD as a new pharma partner. As our Pharma Consortium grows, it creates exciting new ways to work together with the Cambridge community and we look forward to developing this partnership with the MSD team.
Professor Tony Kouzarides, Director of the Milner Therapeutics Institute

Tony Kouzarides
MSD believes that collaboration between industry, biotech and academia is critical to ultimately succeed in the complex area of diseases of ageing, in particular neurodegenerative diseases. Our membership of the Milner Therapeutics Consortium allows us to work on joint research projects, combining the best of industry and academia to support the shared goal of pioneering science leading to new therapeutics for such diseases.
Dr Jill Richardson, Executive Director of Discovery Research at MSD, London