We are delighted to announce that our Frame Shift Bio-incubator has expanded this month, with the opening of a second hub in the city centre, based at the Gurdon Institute. The Frame Shift – City Centre hub will allow further growth for selected companies before they secure further funding and move to their own lab space. The first company to move across to the Frame Shift – City Centre hub is Shift Bioscience.

Frame Shift provides a unique environment for companies to work side-by-side with academic scientists, in an ecosystem physically and culturally designed to spark collaboration. Frame Shift has a particular focus on R&D intensive companies working in areas related to the Milner Institute’s expertise, and complements other initiatives such as the Start Codon Venture Builder, providing flexible options for start-up companies at different stages in their development. Until now, Frame Shift has been based solely at the Milner Institute, welcoming 14 companies since its initiation in 2019. The existing hub will be known as the Frame Shift – Biomedical Campus hub.

It was exciting to welcome Shift Bioscience to the new Frame Shift hub in the city centre, and we are grateful to the Gurdon team for enabling a smooth transition. We hope to expand this model in other institutions in Cambridge to support other companies who wish to continue to grow under the Milner Institute umbrella.

Alexandra Huener

Head of Entrepreneurship, Milner Therapeutics Institute