We are delighted to announce a new collaboration with the NC3Rs this month, which has been established to help NC3Rs-funded researchers translate their in vitro models of human disease into industry-relevant genetic assays.  The collaboration involves a funding competition to provide researchers with access to our in-house functional genomic research capabilities, as well as expertise and industry insight from Milner Consortium partners. Working with academically developed complex, in vitro models of human disease that replicate clinical responses, and showing these to be genetically tractable and scalable, is one route through which the MTI can contribute to the development of the next generation of therapeutics. Hopefully, the success of such models will reduce the reliance on in vivo models.


Working with the NC3Rs to bring in novel disease models into the Milner through this T2T competition gives us an exciting opportunity to partner with leading academics across the UK. Building on their knowledge and expertise, we will assess whether these disease models can be extended for use in high throughput genetic screens and work with our Consortium pharma partners to understand the assay conditions and outcomes that could lead to their adoption into industry R&D workflows.
Dr Nicola McCarthy, MTI Interim Deputy Director

Tony Kouzarides
We’re excited to be working with the Milner Therapeutics Institute on this next iteration of our Technologies to Tools programme. Providing our funded researchers with access to Milner’s functional genomics capabilities and expertise has the potential to drive their cell-based models into application and support ongoing efforts within the pharmaceutical industry to adopt human-relevant systems and not animal models.
Dr Anthony Holmes, NC3Rs Director of Science and Technology

Tony Kouzarides

You can read more about this collaboration and find out more about the NC3Rs via their website.