This month, we celebrated the launch of the Milner Therapeutics Institute in the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre. Key academics and consortium members gathered in our brand new auditorium. Our Director, Tony Kouzarides, gave the vision of the Milner Therapeutics Institute and lead scientists presented work from the different units within our new building, namely the Centre for Pathway Analysis, the Cambridge Centre for Proteomics, the AstraZeneca-Cancer Research UK Funcional Genomics Centre, and the Start Codon accelerator for therapeutic companies.

 “We are delighted that the Milner Institute and the partnerships we have built over the last few years are now coming to life in the new building. We hope that these tangible examples of the opportunities available to Cambridge academics through the Milner will encourage others to reach out to us and initiate new collaborations” says Tony Kouzarides, Director of the Milner Therapeutics Institute.

“The Milner Therapeutics Institute is a really exciting addition to the Biomedical Campus. It will be based in the magnificent new Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre, alongside major investments in cancer, stem cells and regenerative medicine and immunotherapeutics. It will provide fantastic ways for our clinicians and scientists to partner with industry and to achieve our overall aim of making a real difference to patients’ lives and population health.” says Patrick Maxwell, the Regius Professor of Physic and Head of the School of Clinical Medicine.