We are delighted to share that KPBMA (Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association) has joined as an Affiliated Organization of the Milner Therapeutics Institute today. KPBMA is the largest industry member organization in South Korea, which is based in Seoul and has >190 companies associated including large pharma companies such as JW Pharma, Daewoong Pharmaceutical and also SK Chemicals. This new partnership will enable KPBMA to extend the reach of their member network into Cambridge and will bring new expertise for potential collaboration as well as inward investment for the UK. “The pharma landscape in South Korea is particularly innovative and we are certain that this partnership will create exciting opportunities for new international collaboration with academics and companies here in Cambridge. We look forward to welcoming our colleagues at KPBMA here in the coming year” says Tony Kouzarides, Director of the Milner Therapeutics Institute. 

<small>KPBMA joining MTITony Kouzarides and Simon Lee at the KPMBA-Milner Institute Affiliated Partnership Signing Ceremony this week