The functional genomics screening laboratory (FGSL), a joint venture between our Institute at the University of Cambridge, the Medical Research Council (MRC) and AstraZeneca, has opened a call for project proposals.

The call, which opened on 26th March, is relevant to UK-based academics, small/medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and pharma who have complex human in vitro models, such as organoids, co-culture models, etc., amenable to arrayed CRISPR screening. Through setting up collaborations with successful applicants, the FGSL aims to support academic researchers, SMEs and pharma to gain access to arrayed functional genomics screening to better understand the biology represented by the model and where applicable, for target identification.

Although the new laboratory will not be fully operational until January 2025, the call for projects is opening now to allow sufficient time for reviewing and selecting the most suitable proposals, and establishing collaboration agreements to maximise use of the new laboratory as soon as it opens.

All information regarding the application process, the application form and arrayed CRISPR screens is available on the Functional Genomics Screening Laboratory space of the Connect: Health Tech (C:HT) online community. Users can post questions to the FGSL team within the Functional Genomics Screening Laboratory space, and by joining, users also gain free access to the broader C:HT community, which provides a wide forum for discussion related to the life sciences and health tech.

A review of submitted applications will take place in late May by the FGSL joint steering committee, which is made up of representatives from the MRC, AZ and the MTI, and a panel of scientists who are experts on arrayed CRISPR screens and complex in vitro human models. The call for projects will remain open with a further review of applications planned for November 2024. All applications and any questions not addressed with the FGSL space on C:HT should be sent to

For additional information regarding the inception of the Functional Genomics Screening Laboratory, please read the associated press releases available here.