CardiaTec, a company co-founded by Milner Head of Computational Biology Dr Namshik Han, has secured £1.4 million pre-seed investment to combat cardiovascular diseases using artificial intelligence (AI).

CardiaTec is developing a target discovery platform for analysing large-scale multiomic data — to reveal cardiovascular disease mechanisms and uncover the next generation of targets. Through this new understanding of disease biology and exploration of target-drug interactions, their approach will deliver new treatments to patients faster, cheaper and with a reduced risk of failure.

Dr Namshik Han said “Recent advances in AI are generating novel ways to interpret multiomic data. I am excited to lead CardiaTec’s technology strategy to establish a new paradigm for understanding the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases”.

Raphael Peralta, CEO of CardiaTec, said: “We strongly believe, after several decades of stagnated investment and innovation, cardiovascular disease is re-emerging with newfound interest, driven not only by the increasing requirements to fulfil the unmet need as it persists as the world-leading cause of death, but in the application of AI in being able to drive new and meaningful insights to help meet patients needs.

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