We were delighted to welcome Flagship Pioneering to the Milner Therapeutics Institute this week.

Noubar Afeyan and colleagues from Flagship visited the Institute to learn more about the Milner model and discuss how we might work together in future. It was fantastic to showcase our in-house research capabilities, our global therapeutic alliance of >70 affiliated companies, and our company formation pipeline, including our bio-incubator Frame Shift.

Flagship is a biotechnology company that invents and builds platform companies, each with the potential for multiple transformative human health and sustainability products. Since its launch in 2000, Flagship has originated and fostered more than 100 scientific ventures. The current Flagship ecosystem comprises over 40 companies.

Prof Tony Kouzarides

We were pleased to welcome Flagship to the Milner Therapeutics Institute this week. Their UK presence has opened up new opportunities for life science start-ups and investments in Cambridge, and it is exciting to explore how we might work together.

Professor Sir Tony Kouzarides