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The Milner Therapeutics Consortium

The Consortium is an academic/industry partnership hosted by the Institute and part of its outreach programme. The Consortium has been active since June 2015 and is based on a research agreement signed by three academic centres, the University of Cambridge, the Sanger Institute and the Barbaham Institute and four pharmaceutical companies, Astex, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Shionogi. The agreement is designed to facilitate the speedy exchange of reagents and information and underpin research collaborations. The Consortium will provide researchers with the potential to access novel therapeutic agents (including small molecules and antibodies) across the entire portfolio of drugs being developed by each of the companies, in order to investigate their mechanism, efficacy and potential.

Each industry partner within the Therapeutics Consortium has set aside funds for collaborative research projects between the Consortium members, which will be open to any therapeutic area and are expected to lead to joint publications. For information on current projects click here. For information on company areas of interest click here.

The terms of the Consortium allow for fast and easy access to agents and information. The academic/industry interactions and match-making are facilitated by the Executive Manager.

If you are interested in joining the Consortium please contact .

The Milner Therapeutics Consortium Innovation Board

The Innovation Board brings together the industrial and academic partners of the Consortium to determine the overarching challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry and predict future needs. It enables companies to collaborate on common research projects related to targets, technologies and therapeutic areas. The Consortium companies are in a position to fund collectively major projects of common interest. Its remit is to consider the future direction of therapeutic research and suggest innovative projects for collective company funding. Research projects selected by the Innovation Board are executed by a 'task force' of academic and company groups with appropriate expertise. Please contact  for more information.

Innovation Board Membership


Dr Susan GalbraithVice President, Head of Oncology iMed, Innovative Medicines

Dr Sabina Cosulich, Director, Oncology Bioscience, Innovative Medicines



Dr Neil Thompson, Senior Vice President, Biology

Dr David Rees, Senior Vice President, Chemistry


Dr Rab Prinjha, Vice President, Head of Epigenetics DPU


Dr Ron Newbold, Vice President, External R&D Innovation


Dr Takeshi Shiota, Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Research Division

Dr Kai Stoeber, Vice President, Global Innovation

Sanger Institute

Dr Mathew Garnett, Group Leader, Translational Cancer Genomics

Babraham Institute

Professor Michael Wakelam, Director

Dr Simon Cook, Group Leader, Signalling Programme

University of Cambridge                          Professor Tony Kouzarides, Deputy Director, Gurdon Institute