Global life sciences leader and Milner affiliate Cytiva recently established a footprint in the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC), further developing relationships with the Milner Institute and the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute (CSCI).

Cytiva has also sponsored a PhD studentship at CSCI to develop 3D models of the human intestinal tract. Prof. Matthias Zilbauer’s team at the University of Cambridge has successfully cultivated over 1000 of these 3D structures, known as organoids, from human tissue samples. The significance of these 3D organoid models is profound as they provide a pivotal tool for understanding diseases like intestinal inflammation, serving as a bridge between lab research and real-world applications. By refining the methods used to study these organoids, researchers can more effectively pinpoint disease mechanisms and potential therapeutic targets.

The collaboration between Cytiva and the University of Cambridge helps scientists better understand diseases like inflammation of the gut. Not only does this bolster scientific understanding, but it also paves the way for the development of innovative treatments.

Last year Cytiva and MTI hosted the first Cytiva Life Sciences conference in Cambridge, which brought together clinical and research communities, to discuss ways we can collectively apply the latest academic research within the biotech industry and spur the development of new treatments. Beate says: “There is an extraordinary ecosystem here in Cambridge that can help shape the future practice of medicine. We are looking forward to engaging with the community and helping to develop the tools and technologies needed to manufacture advanced therapeutics.”

Prof Tony Kouzarides

Cytiva have been a key partner for the Milner for several years, and it is fantastic to now see them establish a footprint here on the biomedical campus. We are excited about the new partnerships this will catalyse, with both academics and industry partners in our network looking to develop and scale their technologies.

Dr Alison Schuldt

Head of Partnerships and Alliance, Milner Therapeutics Institute

Our collaboration is rooted in the shared goal of enabling breakthrough discoveries in research that advance therapeutic developments. Cytiva’s presence at CBC will help accelerate research and new product development by better understanding how to best support our customers.

Beate Mueller-Tiemann

Chief Technology Officer, Cytiva

Prof Tony Kouzarides