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New research products launched

Active Motif launches three new research products.

1. One of the biggest challenges associated with preparing high quality ChIP-Seq libraries is sample loss. Traditional library preparation methods require multiple end-repair and ligation steps which contribute to loss of material. To overcome this challenge, Active Motif has introduced its TAM-ChIP technology to perform chromatin immunoprecipitation and next-generation library preparation at the same time. For additional details, click here

2. For one-step enzymatic antibody labeling, Active Motif’s Sortag-IT™ Labeling Kits offer a simple solution to attach a variety of labels directly to Active Motif’s AbFlex™ recombinant antibody (rAb) portfolio. The Sortag-IT system is based on the use of a transpeptidase found in Gram-positive bacteria, Sortase A, that catalyzes the attachment of poly-Glycine labels to a LPXTG recognition motif. Easily conjugate fluorophores, enzymes (HRP, AP), biotin, peptides, DNA, beads or other labels to the terminal end of each heavy chain. For additional details click here.

3. Active Motif’s new Low Cell ChIP-Seq Kit offers a complete ChIP-Seq workflow using as few as 1,000 to 50,000 cells per chromatin preparation. For additional details click here.





























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